Welcome to Japanese style rooftop beer garden "Kirabia Veggie Plus Style"


Welcome to Japanese style rooftop beer garden "Kirabia Veggie Plus Style"

Until September 16, 2019 (holiday)

Rooftop Garden on the 8th floor of Takashimaya, Osaka

Opening hours
17:30 to 22:00 (Last order:21:30)

Price for 2 hour all-you-can-eat
Adult, junior high school students and older: 4,000 yen
Elementary school students: 2,000 yen
Children age 3 to 6: 700 yen
Under 3 years old: free

All-you-can-eat buffet style beer garden has up to 30 variety dishes using 60 kinds of vegetables.

You can also enjoy a variety of drinks including: chilled draft beer, highball, soft drinks, and original cocktails made with 10 kinds of flavors, with a two-hour time limit.

Fill yourself with healthy foods!
Paella on a spectacularly huge 90cm pan
Make your own cocktail corner

*Consumption tax is included in the above prices.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
*We will be closed in the event of bad weather condition or under certain circumstances.
*Please ask our staff about food allergy on the menu.
*Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
*Drunk driving is prohibited by law.
*Please use public transportation when you come to the venue.
*Please note that we have a limited number of items, so we apologize in advance if your selection is not available.
*The dish contents may change according to the availability of ingredients.