Gifts for Summer 2019


Gifts for Summer 2019

Wednesday, August 7th to Sunday, August 18th

Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C.

Five Recommended Gift Items for Summer – Available to Purchase at Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C.!

Here we introduce specially selected summer gifts available to purchase at Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. that are tasty enough to tempt anyone, even during the heat of summer when appetites are low.

Tokyo Premium Snack Nori 2-Can Set (1 each of wasabi-sesame flavor, and spicy pollack roe flavor) 1,296 yen

Use two sheets of the flavored nori seaweed to sandwich other ingredients as a delicious and addictive snack or treat.
Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Daily Mart
Until August 18 (Sun)

Ankodama (6 balls) 519 yen

Natural flavors that are not overly sweet. Enjoy the delights of six different types (azuki, green bean, matcha, strawberry, mandarin, and coffee).
Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Tokyo 100 Famous Confectionaries and Delicacies
Until August 18 (Sun)

Pomponettes (Box of eight) 2,420 yen

Pomponette means “small and cute” in French. Enjoy the eight differing flavors in this assortment.
Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Japanese & Western Confectioneries – [THE BEST CHOICE]
Limited to 30 items only on August 9 (Fri) and 16 (Fri)

Summer Selection: “Kingyosukui” (Catching Goldfish)
(Small can: 300g) 4,860 yen
(Large can: 500g) 6,912 yen

A selection of the finest baked sweets in a selection of summer hues, from cookies shaped like goldfish, to lemon sablé biscuits and ramune-flavored meringues.
Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Japanese & Western Confectioneries
* Photo shows a large can.

Mizu Yokan (Gift box of 9 pieces) 3,240 yen

Enjoy four exquisite flavors: “Koshi-an” with its refreshing sweetness, “Ogura” that highlights the original flavor of the azuki beans, “Kurozato” that is characterized by the unique taste of dark brown sugar, and “Matcha” that combines the flavors of white bean paste with matcha green tea.
Basement 1st Floor Food Hall, Japanese & Western Confectioneries

*Consumption tax is included in the above prices.
*Stocks are limited.
*Names and contents of the fair, including time period, are subject to change.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.