NHK serial TV drama Natsuzora & Asadora 100 Exhibition

  • Nihombashi

NHK serial TV drama Natsuzora & Asadora 100 Exhibition

Wednesday, July 24th - Monday, August 5th

Nihombashi Takashimaya S. C., Main Building, 8th-floor hall

Sponsored by
NHK Service Center

Admission free

The history of "Asadora" comes back to life, as the 100th drama airs.

"Asadora", which began broadcasting in 1961, marked the 100 th anniversary of "Natsuzora" currently on air.
"Natsuzora" depicts the stirring life of the heroine Natsu with Tokachi, Hokkaido Prefecture as its setting. We will be sharing the charm of "Natsuzora" through photo panels, costumes, props, and re-produced studio sets.
In the "'Asadora' 100" section, past program visuals are shown all at once. They will show traditional opening videos, costumes and props. Come and meet those heroines that morning in that memorable scene.

*Names and contents of the fair, including time period, are subject to change.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.