Prestige Watch Fair


Prestige Watch Fair

Wednesday September 11th – Tuesday, September 24th

Takashimaya Osaka Store 5th floor Watch Maison

Takashimaya Osaka Store’s “Watch Maison” has the largest collection of watches in Japan!
Over 60 well-known brands, including the boutique-scale prestige brands are gathered here.
During the fair, we will introduce a wide variety of newly announced products at SIHH, BASELWORLD and WPHH.

“Pair Watches” Special Feature

Casual emphasis and genuine intentions are attractive.
Introducing luxury pair watches recommended for couples and spouses.

Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue / Men’s Watch / 2,330,000 yen+tax

Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Blue Diamonds / Ladies’ Watch / 1,820,000 yen+tax

VANGUARD / Men’s Watch / 1,200,000 yen+tax

VANGUARD lady / Ladies’ Watch / 900,000 yen+tax

Elegance Collection / Men’s Watch / 2,700,000 yen+tax

Elegance Collection / Ladies’ Watch / 2,200,000 yen+tax

ADMIRAL LEGEND 42 CHRONOGRAPH / Men’s Watch / 740,000 yen+tax

ADMIRAL LEGEND 32 / Ladies’ Watch / 680,000 yen+tax

PRIME TIME EGOS SKELETON / Men’s Watch / 580,000 yen+tax

Prime Time / Ladies’ Watch / 340,000 yen+tax

“New Products of 2019” Special feature

and extensive lineup of the latest models announced at international trade shows such as SIHH, WPHH and BASELWORLD.

VANGUARD 7 DAYS POWER RESERVE SKELETON / Men’s Watch / 4,300,000 yen+tax

CHALLENGE SEA-LINER REGATA PORTOFINO / Men’s Watch / 2,600,000 yen+tax

Eco-Drive ONE AR5055-58E / Men’s Watch / 400,000 yen+tax

Queen Of Naples 8918BB5P964D00D / Ladies’ Watch / 3,910,000 yen+tax

Elegance Collection / Ladies’ Watch / 3,000,000 yen+tax

For further information regarding Takashimaya Osaka Store’s Watch Maison, please check the website.


*Stocks are limited.
*Names and contents of the fair, including time period, are subject to change.
*Photos are for illustrative purposes only.