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General Information

Information Counter
1st Floor
Lost Item Inquiry
Lost & Found Counter on the 7th floor
Interpreter Service
English, Chinese


Enjoy shopping in our store without having to carry around your luggage and shopping bags.

Cloakroom or Cloak
Basement 1st Floor / 7th Floor
Luggage Locker
Basement 1st Floor / 1st Floor


Overseas Delivery Service
Basement 1st Floor / 7th Floor (Post Office)
Delivery to Hotel
Ask the counter attendant for details, such as the names of the hotels covered by the delivery service.


Ask our staff how to connect to our Wi-Fi.

Cash, Currency Exchange

Seven Bank on 7th Floor
Foreign Currency Exchange
Tax Refund Counter on 7th Floor

* 12:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

For Babys

Stroller Rental
Basement 1st Floor / 1st Floor
Baby Care Room
5th Floor


Quick Shoe Repair
Mister Minit on 1st Floor