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Experience shopping with greater fun and convenience
— with support from our Store Concierge.

Leave everything to us when you:

Want to select clothes or accessories

Need our help in selecting gifts or souvenirs

Want to do shopping quickly

Want us to assist in selecting the colors that suit you

Are not familiar with shopping floors or brands

Make a Reservation

The Store Concierge from Takashimaya Osaka Store is ready to give you advice on various shopping issues and help you select items to purchase. They help you with shopping based on your taste, budget, purpose, and other conditions. Our salesclerks on each floor will join the Store Concierge and assist you with their specialized knowledge.

This free service is only available based upon reservation.
Please make a reservation at the following page at least five days prior to your planned date of shopping.

*Please make sure to enter the desired time and date.
*There may be times when we may not be able to respond to your desired time or date.
*The Store Concierge will serve you for up to two hours.
*Please note that we are subject to cancel your reservation when you do not show up within 30 min. of your appointment time without prior notice.
*English and Chinese interpreter services are available. Please enter your desired language.
*We will reply to your email within five days after receiving it. Your reseravation is completed with this reply.