Tax exemption procedure at Times Square

It is five stores of Shinjuku Takashimaya, HANDS, UNIQLO, Books Kinokuniya Tokyo, Nitori that can do tax exemption correspondence in hall.
Please go through the procedure each at store of purchase. (that we count hall inferior conjunction we cannot go through the procedure)

Tax exemption procedure at Shinjuku Takashimaya


Tax exemption procedure of HANDS Shinjuku

Please complete the duty-free procedure at 2nd floor Information counter before closing time on the day of the purchase.
※ From July 1, 2018, tax exemption is now available for add together general goods and consumable items.

  • Tax exemption is not available at the cash register.
  • • First, pay the full price including the consumption tax at a cash register. Then present your own passport (limited to the tax-exempt person) and your purchase receipt(s) at 2nd floor Information counter. (Cruise ship tour, passenger, and emergency landing permits are also accepted.)
    (You cannot tax exempt with a passport copy, passport number, or ID card,)
    If you have entered the country through an automated gate, your passport will not have a stamp. If there is no stamp, duty-free sales are not possible because there is no proof of the date of entry.
  • Tax exemption is mainly for tourists within 6 months of visiting to Japan.
  • Tax exemption applies only on the day of payment.
  • Only purchase receipts from the HANDS Shinjuku store are eligible for tax exemption.
  • Tax exemption procedures are not available for receipts of other store or other HANDS store.
  • Consumables can be exempted from tax excluding 5,000yen to 500,000yen.
  • General goods can be exempted from tax excluding 5,000yen and there is no upper limit.
  • The sum of the consumables and general goods and the total of the receipt amount are also possible. In the case of addition, the maximum tax exemption amount is up to 500,000yen, which is the maximum amount of consumables.
  • When consumables and general items are added together, all items must be hermetically sealed.
  • Consumables consist of food and beverages, alcohol, cosmetics, soaps, bath additives, toothpastes, adhesives, paints, artists’ colors, dyes, batteries, etc.
    Service fees such as processing and repair fees are not available for tax exemption.
  • Tax exemption is limited to articles to be used for ordinary life, and therefore items purchased for sale or business purposes are not eligible for tax exemption.
  • Conditions for taking duty-free purchases overseas.
    Please note that consumables are ineligible for duty-free treatment if you stay more than 30 days in Japan from the date of purchase.
    Consumables are required by law to be packed and sealed so as to prevent their consumption inside Japan, so do not open their packaging before leaving Japan.
    General goods are also required to be taken out of the country as a condition for tax exemption.
    If you do not carry your tax-exempt product at the time of departure, you will be charged their consumption tax.
    Please note that duty-free consumables are required by law to be packaged.
  • At the time of departure, please present your passport with the attached “record of purchase” slip to the airport or port customs.
  • Please read carefully the “Remarks” on the back of the “Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax Exempt for Export” attached to your passport.
  • Diplomats are required to bring a “Tax Exemption Card.”

Tax exemption procedure at UNIQLO Shinjuku Takashimaya shop

  • Please show Passport.
  • Person targeted for tax exemption becomes within six months for duration of stay.
  • Tax exemption range must be more than 5,000 yen in today’s purchased amount.
  • Only product becomes targeted for tax exemption. We usually charge Correction fee, gift charges at cash register.
  • Diplomat tax exemption is available.

Tax exemption procedure at Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

  • Tax refund is available at our Tax Refund Counter on the 6th floor.
    To apply:
    Please have your passport ready.
  • Your minimum spend per day must be at least 5,000yen excluding consumption tax.
    *Consumable goods are not eligible for tax exemption.

Tax exemption procedure at NITORI Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square store

  • We accept tax exemption procedure only at counter on the third floor.
  • Total products 5,000 yen (tax-excluded) or more are targeted for tax exemption for one check.
  • In temporary stay that has for a short term visa within six months (the foreign family register), personal purpose of use applies. Person concerned with embassy, tax exemption card is excluded.
  • Target product becomes only stocks in shop.
  • Exchange, return of goods of tax-free article is not possible. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.