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Sales Floor: Kitchenware


Vermicular is a cast iron enameled pot made in Japan with high technology of “casting” and “precision processing”. It is a popular product as this pot can bring out the original flavor of ingredients.


The secret of the delicious taste lies in the high sealing performance achieved by grinding the joint between the lid and the body with a precision of 0.01mm. This sealing feature locks in the flavor and moisture of the ingredients, making ideal waterless cooking possible.

*Compatible heat sources: Gas, Induction, Halogen, oven. No microwave.

Sales Floor: Kitchenware

Vermicular / Frying pan

This frying pan is Vermicular’s masterpiece, developed with the aim of “concentrating the true flavor of the ingredients in the world”. The Enamel Thermos Technology is inspired by professional frying techniques that use a high heat source and pan shaking technique to quickly remove excess water from the ingredients. The highly heat-accumulating cast iron is coated with a self-developed, highly water-repellent enamel that allows the excess water in the ingredients to evaporate instantly, making professional stir-fry cooking possible at home.

*Can be put directly into the oven when cooking as the handle of the pan is also heat-resistant.
*Compatible heat sources: Gas, Induction, Halogen, Oven. No microwave.
*Dishwasher safe.

Sales Floor: Western Tableware

Migakiya Syndicate

The Migakiya Syndicate is made by craftsmen who polish world-famous mobile devices and precision semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Using their proven skills and devoting their attention to detail makes this as a premium product.
The inner surface of a typical metal cup is rough due to its hairline or unpolished finish. So when you pour beer into a glass, you will end up having foamy beer that has lost its carbonation and flavor.
Whereas the inner surface of Migakiya Syndicate tumblers are polished with a combination of mirror and hairline finishes, this makes a creamy beer foam and fine bubbles for highballs.
All products come in a special box and can be taken home after purchase.
Use a soft sponge and mild dishwashing detergent. Wash gently.

Sales Floor: Tableware and Kitchenware

Tokyo Silversmithery

In the mid-Edo period, silverware craftsmen called Shiroganeshi and decorative craftsmen called Kinkoshi who made metal fittings for portable shrines appeared and produced a wide variety of works, which marked the beginning of Tokyo Silversmithery. Designated as a national traditional craft, Tokyo is today at the center of silver products production. Most of the manufacturing process is done by hand by craftsmen.

Product Care

  • The surface of silver products may darken when exposed to air for a long period of time. This is not rust but sulfurization and is caused by sulfur compounds in the air. To avoid discoloration due to sulfurization, please be careful not to place silverware near gas cooking appliances or to tie silverware with rubber bands.
  • Always wash after use. Use lukewarm water when rinsing to prevent water traces from remaining. Do not soak in water for a long time, rinse well to avoid detergent residue and wipe dry immediately after washing.
  • Wipe off fingerprints and other sebum stains.
  • A commercially available silver cleaner may be effective if the discoloration is significant. Please avoid using hard cloth.
  • When storing silverware, wrap with a soft cloth and place it in a plastic bag with zip to prevent it from being exposed to air. This will help from being tarnished.

Sales Floor: Tableware and Kitchenware

Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko is designated as Japan’s traditional glass handicraft and has been produced in Edo (Tokyo) since the end of the Edo period. Edo Kiriko is a craft characterized by gorgeous and beautiful patterns made by covering a colorless transparent glass with a thin layer of indigo, saffron or other colored glass and then cutting a cutout onto the surface of the glass.

Sales Floor: Tableware and Kitchenware

Satsuma Kiriko

Satsuma Kiriko was born at the kiln run by the Shimazu clan in Satsuma at the end of the Edo period. By covering a transparent glass with 1 to 5 mm thick layer of colored glass and make a cutout onto the surface creates a glass with a so called “Bokashi” gradation.

Sales Floor: Tableware and Kitchenware


Cutlery manufacturer established in 1792 which has about 300 knives of various uses and materials.

Characteristics of each material

  • Carbon Steel
    Steel has good sharpness but it rusts very easily so please dry well after use. If rust appears, first wet the knife, then put some powdered cleanser (polishing sand) on and finally wet a wine cork stopper with water and scrub the knife’s surface until both sides are clean.
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel is less sharp than steel but it is easy to clean because it does not rust easily.
  • Powder Steel
    Powder steel is rust-resistant and has a better cutting ability than stainless steel. It is a very hard material so its sharpness lasts longer.

*Both stainless steel and steel are not completely rust-free.
*This product is not allowed as carry-on baggage. Please place it in checked baggage.

Sales Floor: Furniture


EXGEL Seating Lab has realized ideal seating by utilizing the know-how gained through years of experience in handling wheelchair cushions and using materials that disperse body pressure and fluidity to relieve the stress of sitting. This material, which is neither high-repulsion nor low-repulsion, solves all the problems, “shock” “pressure” and “slip” that occur when sitting.
These products are individually handcrafted to a high degree of perfection by skilled craftsmen at a factory in Shimane, Japan.
Could be taken home after purchase as it comes in a special box. (Please check availability with our staff.)

Sales Floor: Bedding

LOFTY Pillow Couturier

The 9 Cell Pillow is the top-of-the-line pillow among LOFTY’s products. By dividing the pillow into nine parts of different heights, it provides superb comfort for both back and side sleepers and supports smooth tossing and turning.

9 Cell Pillow (Fluffy cotton, Elastic pipes)

Pillow Size: 75cm×42cm 44,000yen

Sales Floor: Bedding


While value the material of cotton, UCHINO has expanded the scope of development to towels, gauze and knitwear with ultimate lightness, softness and comfortable functionality. An advanced, comfortable and pleasant material that we’ve never felt before is what we are pursuing called “Smart Cotton”.

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